Hydrogen, as fuel for gas, diesel and LPG engines.

  • Reduction of conventional fuel 20% – 30% Including LPG. 
  • Increase of horsepower up to 15%. 
  • Increase of torque up to 15%. 
  • Improved torque linearity. 
  • Reduction of exhaust emissions up to 80%. 
  • Removal of carbon deposits in the engine
  • Engine noise reduction up to 30%. 
  • Decrease of rpm/min in idle condition. 
  • Easy installation for all types of vehicles. 
  • Low cost of maintenance. 

                                                      Why Should I Choose Hydro-Plus?

  • Because the devise uses a low amount of energy from the vehicles battery, about 0,250 A.
  • The devise consumes very small amount of water during the electrolysis process, 500ml of water are enough to travel 15000 klm of distance.
  • There is no need of refilling the electrolyte, unlikely, refilling of distilled water is required (half a ltr per 15000 klm).
  • The devise doesn’t get overheated in order to produce steam.
  • The water doesn’t vaporize during the electrolysis.
  • A 1 years warrantee is given.

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